7 Simple Tips on How to Be Happier

How to stop complaining and make your life more meaningful.

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Some suffering is an expression of natural law — an essential tool for survival. For the unaware individual, it is often a negative experience, especially if this individual has made poor choices in the past.

Compassion, one of the most worthy, and admired human qualities; often comes from recognizing the suffering of others. Their suffering may present great meaning and direction to your own life, motivating, and also inspire you to serve others in need. This service, in turn, creates a larger sense of community.

“There are 2 basic reasons for why and how we struggle.”

1. We did something we should not have done.

Once we learn how to think and act more effectively in these two ways, most of our struggles will simply fade away.

Here are 7 Simple Tips on How to Be Happier


Happiness is not hard to find if we learn how to think speak and act in ways that breed happiness. If we are to understand the meaning of our lives it is essential that we explore not only tips on how to be happy, but also how and why we suffer.

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