A Guide To Spirituality: How to Transcend A Peak Experience

The art and science of mindfulness.

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You feel more connected to the world, more aware of the unity of all things, and humbled by all of it. To have this experience is to be completely immersed in a state of wonder and ecstasy.

What has happened here is that you have shifted into a new sense of reality, a mentally clear and emotionally balanced, proactive reality. In this new reality, you are aware of some higher truth, a connection with transcendental unity, a sense that you can see the world in an extraordinary way, a way that is awe-inspiring, subtle, and deeply profound. With this experience, your sense of reality completely shifts. I was once told by one of my teachers that for a healthy person to fit into normal society, he or she would have to act as if he or she was crazy in order to appear normal to everyone else. The writer, SJ Perelman asks,

“How does one fit in a world that does not fit us?”

In the end, a peak experience shows that what one thought was real is in fact just an illusion. With wisdom, you can more easily become your authentic self. Here you go from doing the Practice to being the Practice.

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