A Simple and Easy to Understand Introduction to the Art and Science of Natural Healing

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Natural healing is a therapeutic process that addresses imbalances and dysfunctional patterns in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

The most skilled practitioners employ an array of tools, techniques, strategies, and philosophies that focus on supporting our innate ability to heal.

Most professional practitioners of natural healing will seek to avoid more invasive therapeutic approaches such as pharmaceutical drugs and surgery though they are not necessarily opposed to them.

Natural healing has been practiced since the dawn of human culture. Early communal groups and tribes knew how to use local plants, clay, animals, and other tools and techniques for healing ailments of all types. The codification of healing techniques goes back thousands of years to the Rig Veda in India, the writings of the mythological Yellow Emperor in China, and thousands of indigenous practices that have existed, and are still used around the world. In the west, the origins of natural healing are usually traced to the ancient Greek Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine”.

Planting Medicinal Herbs By hiot’s run

Through the millennia, certain individuals have come to be known as pioneers in the development of natural healing in the west. Among them being Paracelsus, Thomas Allinson, Andrew Still, D.D.Palmer, Peter Ling, Randolph Stone, John Harvey Kellogg, Bernarr McFadden, John Tilden, Henry Lindlhar, Sebastian Kneipp; his student Benedict Lust; and his student Jesse Mercer Gehman who was my teacher. It was Dr. Gehman and his friend the great natural healer and my shamanic guide Vince Collura who helped me to set up my own naturopathic practice in NYC in the early nineteen-seventies

”Natural healing is a broad discipline rather than a particular method. There are many different drugless methods in natural healing.”

Some of the most common techniques and practices include:

· Massage,

· Acupressure

· Chiropractic,

· Osteopathic manipulation,

· Herbal medicine,

· Homeopathy,

· Aromatherapy,

· General vitamin and herbal supplementation,

· Orthomolecular Medicine

· Nutritional and dietary therapy,

· Color therapy,

· Fasting

· Chinese Medicine

· Aryuvedic Medicine

· Psychological Counseling

· Hypnosis

· Exercise Therapy

· Hydrotherapy

· Somatic and Movement Re-education

· Spiritual and Metaphysical Healing in all its many forms.

There are many healing techniques that seek a balancing upon the cosmic forces of man’s nature.

Many of the key elements on the practice of natural healing are based on a belief in the body’s ability to heal itself through special vital energy or life force guiding bodily processes internally. It is quite similar to the Chinese concept of qi.

More than anything natural healers focus on a holistic approach to preventing illness through a balanced mental and emotional life, stress reduction, and changes to diet and lifestyle. To this, they are likely to add many of the methods of evidence-based medicine, especially in cases of an emergency.

There are many professions within mainstream modern health care that originated in the early natural healing movement. Among these are physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Creative Art therapies.

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By Thomas Hawk

Today there are certain concepts that are fundamental to most natural healing even when applied by a formally trained medical doctor who uses drugs and surgery in combination with some of these techniques. An example of such a physician might be someone like Dr. Oz, the popular Turkish-American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, and Columbia University, professor.

As of 2020 professional natural healing can generally be categorized into three groups:

1) those with a government-issued license;

2) those who practice outside of official status (‘often traditional natural healing professional, and naturopaths”);

3) those who are primarily another kind of health professional who also practices natural healing.

This particular story is extracted from my course on helping yourself with natural healing.

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Most of my Medium stories, when related to natural healing. self-improvement, life lessons, mental health, politics, and Eastern Philosophy are anchored into the concept of Applied Game Theory. This idea explores how and why people make certain choices, including decisions related to their health and well-being. Researchers into game theory have won over twenty Noble Prizes. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is about the life of John Nash, one of the pioneers in game theory. Of course, the most sophisticated competitive and strategic game in existence is the Chinese game of Go. Learn more about the powerful tool, game theory, for self-improvement. I explain it in the Medium.com article below.

The article was written so that a 12-year-old can easily understand and apply the simple 3 step system. The article also includes a short video interview of me with Jim Selman a pioneer and thought leader in leadership, business success, and innovation.


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