Creating Meaning through Story

Who are are you, and what is your story?

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Much of what you think of as your personal, factual history is really a mix of fact and fiction filtered through your memory.

Living life like this is to be a prisoner of your self-created past. For many, this is often frightening to hear. It is as if who you think you are, is not really who you are. But that “who you are” is based on what you remember as being your truth. It does not matter whether it is true or not, only that you believe that it is true.

Legends and Sacred Myths

Many geneticists believe that we are hard-wired to;

The sacred myth answers these questions for it represents a collective preserved belief within the group even if that belief has no fact as the basis of this reality.

For a particular culture, a sacred myth is true even if not always factual. It is this key foundation that gives the group a reason to exist, even if the group is loath to acknowledge that there is nothing factual there. Now often these sacred stories originate from a historical event and at other times as a misinterpretation of some misdirected, sacred ritual. It is likely that human beings are hard-wired to believe and to have faith in something — anything. This may include certain beliefs, whether accurate or unsupported by logic or evidence. This will be created as sacred stories by individuals and by groups. These sacred stories will usually be presented as, “God said ‘this’” or some sacred text such as the Bible ‘says ‘ that,’” etc., etc. The dilemma a serious spiritual seeker faces is that while recognizing intuitively that sacred myths are essential for being part of a community many of these same sacred myths are the source of much unnecessary suffering.

A final thought

The origins of many myths and sacred stories become obscure or completely rewritten over time. Many cultural stories, legends, and myths are part of some ancient oral tradition. Many of these mythological stories were written after they were in existence for hundreds or even thousands of years.

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