Here Is My Story — Lewis Harrison

Never a dull moment for this “outsider” — “outlier”.

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Lewis somewhere off the grid in the late 1990s

Then I got the mystic calling in college while earning a traditional degree in philosophy.

Wittgenstein, J. Krishnamurti, Ram Dass, Zen, and that whole-70s Guru thing had my full attention. I missed much wild fun but I guess, yet the “Path” kept me out of bad trouble, while I also passed through Studio 54 and that late night 70s NY hedonism disco scene, meditating all along and adding Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, and Aikido to my wheelhouse of talents. I was the guy, who drove all my drunk friends home after we partied all night, and then drove them to their first 12 Step meetings.

In the middle of all this, I hooked up with a Western Shaman, becoming his apprentice for 15 years. Then, before he died he told me I had permission to teach his “down the rabbit hole” heavyweight stuff. That was in 1992. I took his advice.

Getting wiser, though slowly, I re-explored the philosophy of East and West and eventually organized a group of Mandarin speakers to do a Meta-analysis and a series of commentaries on the Tao -te -Ching.

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Pretty much unmarriable, at 47 I said “hi” to an attractive woman on the fourth of July on a corner in NYC. She responded, “go away”. A few months later we were engaged, then married. That was 23 years ago. We are happy and I mostly do as I’m told. She is seldom wrong but even when she is, she’s still right.

Then, after we settled down in a very large house in a very rural village, I began my “Northern Exposure” period doing a 7-year stint at an NPR affiliated radio station in NY farm country as a talk show host. Below is a promotional video from that show. As you can see, I had a blast.

I’ve had a great ride and aren’t done yet. I have great peers, great friends, an amazing wife, my health, and now I intend to keep on rocking, rolling, and riding for another 30–40 years.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you, and also for joining me on it.

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