How To Be More Mindful

Try some actualized intention

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There is a connection here to what is often called the “Law of Attraction” just as there is a connection between the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking, a concept popularized by Norman Vincent Peale. They are also similar to the Chinese concept of Wu Wei — the action that requires no action.

It promotes the idea that whatever you can conceive of and which is a natural aspect of what it means to be human will happen to and for you. All that is required here is your intention — An intention that is manifested in every second through thought, word, and deed.

Clarity of intention is important because it is for many the one thing that gives meaning to life.

How does one apply intention on a conscious level? A general approach to this goal proposes the theory that if a person dedicates 15 minutes a day to the formation of a habit, and continues this pattern consistently for 21 days, that pattern is somehow ingrained in the mind. If this process is continued for 28 days, it actually becomes uncomfortable to engage in the old behavior and pleasurable to continue doing the new behavior.

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