How To Develop A Loving And Meaningful Life Story

Write your life story as if you are writing a screenplay

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If you realize that life is a type of game, then you have the freedom to reinvent who you are. It is not as if you are creating a lie but rather are taking a look at the facts of your past from a new and different perspective.

What you recall probably did happen, just not exactly as you may remember it. This same event is remembered differently by others. In looking back at that event, you must realize that the memory you have of it was seen through your eyes when you were a younger person. How old were you when the event took place? What were your beliefs at that time? Who were your influences?


In an abundant and love-filled life, you can re-invent your story. You can re-invent the game of your life and by doing so you can experience a type of freedom that you never imagined possible. Now I’m not suggesting you lie about your past. I’m recommending you meditate on what you have been, done, and who you are now.

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