Lewis Harrison’s Great Game Theory Guide — Table of Contents

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· Introduction to the On-Going Series


Before you begin your exploration of this series of stories about game theory — the art and science of decision-making — I highly recommend you begin with my short and simple article (a 6 minutes read) video. Both were created so they would be understood by 12-year-old.

The Article:


The Video:



The Medium.com Chapters (Stories)

· #1 –Information, Problem-Solving, and Decision Science


· #2 — Wants versus Needs


· #3 — What is a Black Swan Event?


· #4 — 3 Ways Game Theory Transformed My Life


· #5 — Worst Case Scenarios


· #6 — Why Game Theory is the Secret to Happiness

· #7 –The Great Game Theory Guide: #7 — Applying Intuition to Make the Best Decisions



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