Love At First Sight

A disease that is hard to resist

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I have spent much time living with and making love with amazing women with who I connected because of an instant attraction.

When I met my wife, I was already involved with the most beautiful of all of these lovers. A young model, she was smart, sensual, erotic, etc. Man, did people stare at us when we went out for dinner. Waiters brought us free dessert just so they could look at her. She was great…but she wasn’t a keeper.


If you get to experience love at first sight in your life enjoy the roller coaster ride, because this kind of love, and it is an authentic form of love, will usually not carry you through the long-haul. As I like to say to my students ‘“love at first sight, and the romantic love that comes with it is seldom the foundation upon which a solid, sustainable relationship can be built upon


In an abundant and love-filled life, you can re-invent your story. You can re-invent the game of your life and by doing so you can experience a type of freedom that you never imagined possible. Now I’m not suggesting you lie about your past. I’m recommending you meditate on what you have been, done, and who you are now.

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About the Author: Lewis Harrison, is a student of love. A Results-Oriented Life Coach, speaker, and strategist specializing in Self Improvement, Personal Development, Love, and Happiness.

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