Mastering the Art of Tech Success

How to design your business for a high tech future.

When making over an old school business infrastructure to succeed in 21st business it’s important to rebuild around the commercialization of scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Commitment to a high-tech future is a sometime thing in some places and ultimately leads to failure. Are you shopping on Amazon, staying at Air B & B, or writing on Medium? If you are you, are already in the high-tech economy.

Of course, many bureaucracies and agencies as soon as they go tech are often tainted by scandal due to unaccountable expenditures, incompetence, terrible algorithms, and other misdeeds. The key is to think beyond where they are.

What those who fail at high-tech business is that they are often missing a master plan that pins future prosperity on scores of initiatives. Rather they are stuck looking for an imagined Silver Bullet that will solve all problems with one solution. rather This approach seldom works.

Hi-tech thinking is a measure that has been promoted by many business thought leaders for decades but many political leaders chose to ignore it. As the saying goes “the truth you ignore will come back to bite you on the ass.”

Three extraordinary things happened to the world of business in the last 20 years.

1. Economics became the most popular course at many universities

2. The financial crisis seriously damaged the field’s credibility.

3. Game theory and gamer-thinking in making market predictions became more influential than ever before.

Add to these that globalization has made international trade systems more fragile and vulnerable to disruption.

Final thoughts

Eventually, in any business, some unexpected disrupting agent (called Black Swan event) or even an expected but ignored game-changer is likely to come into play. This year it just happened to be the coronavirus pandemic. this time.

Now the international community was forced to address all that had been warned about, yet ignored. The skilled game theorist business person must use a mixed strategy approach to compensate for radical changes in global supply chains. Hi-Tech thinking can give them the needed tools to be prepared when Black Swan Events arise.

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I’m the author: I am a game theorist and a teacher on peak performance. I am also a results-oriented self-improvement coach offering advice for innovators of all levels.

I am always exploring trends, innovations, areas of interest, and solutions to build new stories upon. Again, if you have any ideas you would like me to write about just email me at

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