Spiritual Not Religious: What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritually Evolved Person?

Sacred Tools for Modern Times #8 — Sages, Heroes, and Spiritual Warriors?

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This is part of a series of stories exploring all aspects of spiritual life. A journey that transcends rites, rituals, ceremonies, trinkets for sale, and all of the other elements of formal religious dogma.

What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritually Evolved Person?

A spiritually evolved person is an extraordinary person in all the best of ways. This is a person that consciously behaves in a simple and basic manner. Such a person, who we in the Wisdom Path Community call a sage/hero, acts out general social norms when appropriate in their daily life, but seldom or never does so habitually. The extraordinary person will change his or her behavior to match changes in these social norms if it serves their own actualization process and society as a whole. They are generally concerned with moral or ethical dilemmas and often examine the meaning of their lives, questioning much and often, and with great concern.

This person in the face of danger combats adversity through feats of courage, ingenuity, and when necessary physical strength or agility. This type of person does such things selflessly for honor, morality, ethics, and for what is right, and good

Often synonymous with the concept of the classical hero, this person is considered a physical and spiritual warrior who lives and dies in the pursuit of the higher good. In this way, they assert their greatness by the efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, self-awareness, and brilliancy with which they act.

Each sage/hero’s life focuses on an epic quest. Seeming at times semi-divine and extraordinarily gifted, they evolve into heroic characters through their perilous circumstances. The best of them are incredibly skilled and resourceful, but unlike the superheroes often portrayed in popular culture, they are seldom foolhardy, seldom court disaster, or risk their followers’ lives for trivial matters. They are emotionally-grounded with a spiritual vision that prevents arrogance or immature behaviors from coming into play.

The sage/hero is loved and respected not only for their courage but also for their wisdom, and noble and courtly nature. They tend to be peace-loving (even if they began as warriors), thoughtful, as well as bold, and without darker motives. Often the complexity of life creates difficult choices and personal conflicts concerning their aspirations.


In the end destiny or fate, often plays a massive role in the journey of the sage/hero and they must respond quickly and wisely to survive black swan events, betrayals by peers, and unexpected dangers. We honor them because they serve as moral examples of humans at their best on the journey of self-improvement, and personal development through service. What can we do but honor them, and in a humble attempt to acknowledge what they do and have done, give them a Nobel Peace Prize or some award of that sort? Thank you Malala, Denis Mukwege, Nada Murad, Mandala, Dr. King, and the rest of you extraordinary people.

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