Thanks for your response and support. I have been developing non-mathematical models for applied game theory for almost two decades. This work, rather than being academic is a strategic system that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Many academics are baffled by my work because it assumes that most agents in a game are irrational rather than rational. I was blessed to be mentored directly by Harvey Slatin, an engineer who worked with von Neumann and Feynman at Los Alamos. Imagine intuition and emotion thrown into the mix along with Bayes Probability, and other classical game theory models, all written as a playbook for a 9th grader. That is my passion. I apply this way of thinking to almost everything I do. It has provided me with a “drama” free life. Again. Thanks for your support. Stay in touch if I can serve you in some way — Lewis at

I offer advice on the arts, innovation, self-improvement, life lessons, mental health, game theory strategies, and love.

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