The Big News — January 6, 2020 — An Analysis of The Attempted Coup D’état in Washington D.C.

Let’s all thank the founding fathers and their constitutional genius.

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It’s a shame when you see how many progressive people are equally uneducated concerning the essentials of how American Democracy works. One of the dumb things I’ve been reading all day is people saying “where’s the Army?” and “why wasn’t the army called into the Capital?” If they knew how America works they’d realize that the commander of Chief is Donald Trump. So theoretically calling in the army could actually facilitate an actual coup d’etat.

However, the fact is that the president has no control over the National Guard, the governor of each state does.

They live in intentional ignorance concerning the nature of our American democracy. This is the greatest danger of all.

I don’t know what the solution is to this problem? Maybe we need to require that people study the Constitution and take a quiz on it before they can get a driver’s license or run for public office.

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