The Enlightened Capitalist: An Introduction To How The World Really Works

Mastering the art and science of EEPPSA (efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, and self-awareness)

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I learned in my half-century of Zen and Taoist studies, and as a successful capitalist and philanthropist that most humans are pulled to and fro by lust, anger, greed, envy, vanity, attachment, and ego.

Though capitalism can magnify these traits to truly dysfunctional and even dangerous levels, socialism, or in the extreme Marxism will produce the same results or with the right intention, reduce these tendencies.

Just look at yourself. Clearly the qualities listed below are essential to how you and I exist in the world.


· are competitive. If we are unable to observe how someone similar to us might survive under duress then we cannot know what we would need to do in a similar situation.

If you want to achieve your full potential master EEPPSA (efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, and self-awareness).

The Takeaway

Stop whining about the “elites” that you believe run the world. Also, stop feeling sorry for professional victims — people who make the same mistakes over and over and through willful ignorance eventually self-destruct, bringing down everyone and everything around them.

If you have a true need to become materially wealthy then just do it. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in capitalism or socialism. Then use this wealth to be a more loving, kind, compassionate, empathetic, generous, and even philanthropic person.

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By Lewis

About my stories on Medium

Most of my Medium stories are anchored into the concept of Applied Game Theory. This idea explores how and why people make certain choices, including decisions related to their health, well-being, personal success, and self-awareness.

Both the article and the short video were created so they would be understood by 12-year-old.

Applying all of the gaming skills you have learned from the sandbox, through Rubick’s Cube, and now into video games and sports will change your life in every way, for the better.

The Source of this Story

This story was created from my seminar notes for (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory). To follow all of my extended Great Game Theory Guide postings and stories, check out the Table of Contents for the first few postings at:

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