The Enlightened Capitalist: Every Business Tells A Story

Using EEPPSA (efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, and self-awareness) to give your business's story a happy ending.

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There are hundreds of ways to create a story. There is narration, historical accounts, recitals, jokes, drama, tall-tales, parables, comedy, legends, historical events, autobiography, myths, biography, exposés, legends, journalism, confessions, scripts, anecdotes, etc.

Often, a decision needs to be made quickly — here the narrative is internal and psychological. In other stories something must be accomplished — this is built around external events that either moves the process forward or become obstacles to the journey told in the story. To be a human being by definition is to be a storyteller. A business is a vehicle by which that story is given meaning, and is carried forward to the next generation of employees and customers. Each of us also owns and is owned by a personal story that we need to tell. We each have memories of the things that have happened to us. For many of us, the only sense of self we have is the story we have created. What is your story and what is the story of your business or your place of employment?

It soon becomes clear that at some point in time you will remember things that were once forgotten. Even when you remember these events clearly, there is always the chance they might not have happened exactly as you have remembered them. Have you ever reminisced with a friend about some event, and they had a different recollection?

If you realize that life is a type of game, then you have the freedom to reinvent who you are. It is not as if you are creating a lie. Rather you are taking a look at the facts of your past from a new and perspective. What you recall probably did happen, just not exactly as you may remember it. This same event is remembered differently by others. In looking back at that event, you must realize that the memory you have of it was seen through your eyes when you were a younger person. How old were you and what were your beliefs at that time? Who were your influences?

Final Thoughts

The origins of many business stories become obscure or completely rewritten over time. Many business stories that border on the mythical, like Sears, or Woolworths lost their focus and what was once a visionary organization collapsed from the weight of their own greed and incompetence.

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