The Great Game Theory Guide: #13 — Applying Common Sense through Gamer-Thinking

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Q. Lewis, which comes first, common sense or applied game theory?

A. I don’t know if it matters. The goal of applied game theory is simple — to give you the skills necessary to addresses any problem, obstacle or challenge no matter how complex.

Now, before I answer your question it might be helpful if we begin with a short introduction to the basics of game theory. Below is an article (a 6-minute read) as well as a more in-depth video embedded in the article. Both were created so they would be understood by 12-year-old.

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Using all of the gaming skills you have learned from the sandbox, through Rubick’s Cube, and now into video games and sports will change your life in every way, for the better.

The Article: Click on the title ‘the Best Introduction…’ just below.

The Best Introduction to Game Theory, Simple and Easy to Understand — Written for a 12-Year-Old

A. Now to answer your question.

Most problems can be solved with basic logic, rational thought, good advice, common sense, and respect for intuition and creativity. Intuition and creativity are essential here since there are some problems that do not respond to rational, and common sense thinking. These problems require a new or different type of thinking. This new type of thinking may take many forms including artistically based “design thinking”. This form of thinking is less concerned with dissecting a problem and finding the right answers and instead focuses on collaborative thought to find a workable solution. There is also the concept of the mathematics of contradiction, paradox, and ambiguity. This type of mathematics is more concerned with the type of question being asked rather than the answer one arrives at. Much problem solving resembles the creation of a meal by a chef.

If one has strong cooking skills one begins with raw ingredients, organizes them, and integrates these ingredients in a certain order and a certain time. Then heat or cooling is applied when appropriate and at the end of all this, a meal is created. The one constant here is that choices are being made. From beginning to end the rhythm of choices will be constantly shifting.

These stories were created out of a workshop and seminar I have been teaching since 1985 entitled “Make Choices, Not Excuses” and are used as a game theory guidebook. One need not take the workshop to make effective choices.

“It simply requires that an individual seeking a life of greater freedom and struggle effortlessly embraces and applies new ways of thinking - game-based thinking”.

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The Takeaway

In life, it best to create a long-term goal or vision. Once we have done that we can use HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) and gamer-psychology to make wiser choices, and strategize more effectively. This includes consciously maximizing our potential at the lowest possible cost.

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Study Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond…2.2.

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