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An empath is a person with the natural and intuitive ability to understand, perceive and share the feelings of another. The Noble Empath takes that process one step further.

It is the Noble Empath, in a way an emotional superhero/heroine, that always sees to live with the intention of being kind, loving, and generous concerning the feeling of others. There are also evil and clueless empaths who couldn’t care less and create chaos and pain for others because they feel this way.

Each of our lives is unconsciously influenced by the wishes, thoughts, desires, and moods of others. Noble Empaths have a unique ability to divert or limit how others, especially evil or clueless empaths influence them. the Noble Empath is able to perceive the emotional patterns, spiritual urges, and physical sensitivities in themselves and others, as if these are physical things. In addition they seem to know what inspires and motivates others, as well as their intentions.

A student once asked me how they could study to become an empath? The answer is “You can’t”.

You are either an empath or you aren’t. However the naturally gifted Noble Empath can fine tune their empathetic skills. In addition these individuals are always open to processing other people’s “Qi”. These empaths can choose how to respond or intervene when they connect to the feelings of another person.

Some of us are drawn to the life of an empath early on but soon move along to other interests. This is especially so for many teenagers who may go through stages where they explore poetry, magic, musical instruments or dance. in time the of course, then move on to the next thing.

Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky argues that our preferences for music (and other media) is formed in our teenage years and early twenties, when our brain is most primed to explore new things.

The unskilled individual who is well endowed with strong empathetic qualities may become emotionally drained and weak and then become very sensitive to environmental factors. They may also experience unexplained aches and pains on a regular basis. Without proper training the Noble Empath may feel trapped in a state where they, like a sponge, absorb the accumulated emotions, good-and bad, and the unbalanced “Qi” from others.

Noble Empaths are often reclusive and appear disconnected, unresponsive, ignorant and even disinterested in what is going on around them.

Of course this is often a ruse where they appear tyo interact wot the world in tis way, and yet internally they are actually quite engaged and interested. Often this style is just their way of “blocking out” waves of emotions from others, as well as keeping their own feelings on a short leash.


The skilled Noble Empath no matter ow generous, is always careful to have their own needs met. This is not done out of selfishness but as a tool for survival. This is not always easy to do when they also have an unhealthy desire to ‘enable’ others with addictive personalities.Takeaway

In a sense, it might be said that the noble trickster empath is a type of emotional superhero/heroine. They are motivated and inspired by a passion to share love, kindness, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and goodness

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About the Author: Lewis Harrison, is an empath, Results-Oriented Life Coach, speaker, and strategist. He specializes in self improvement, personal development, and the embracing of happiness.

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