The One Unmotivational Secret For Success: Common Sense

Sound judgment in practical matters can solve most problems.

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I am always amused and intrigued by those of my peers that like to claim that all problems are simply the product of negative thinking; “These are either truly extraordinary people or superficial thinkers with no sense of empathy or compassion for others.”

I have been a student and teacher in the human potential, personal development and self-help movements for over forty-five years. One thing I have learned is that all the motivation, inspiration, information, and grace will not save you if you lack plain old common sense.

I imagine that if one can live in the state that Zen teachers call “Beginner’s Mind*”, then there really are no problems, there is only, what “Is”! For those with a deep authentic faith in God, there are also no problems. One can simply say “it is God’s will” or “it is Karma” or “it is all grace” and just live with whatever happens, even if it self-destruction resulting from willful-ignorance.

Of course, many of us do not fit into any of these categories. We may even aspire to do so but the reality (or the illusion) of our lives doesn’t allow us to do so. Our parent dies and we not only grieve but also see the loss of this loved one as a problem. We care about our job and feel it is a problem when we feel we are underpaid or have been terminated unfairly. Deeply caring people feel it is a problem when poor people are kept in poverty or are victimized by circumstances beyond their control. Political conservatives often proclaim that “big Government” is a problem, and progressive liberals often believe rich people paying little or no taxes is a problem.

This story is for the person or group of individuals who know they have an obstacle to transcend or overcome. Whether they call it a problem or an opportunity to learn something and grow from the experience is irrelevant. Whatever their attitude may be about the challenge it is nonetheless a challenge.

If you are so spiritually-focused or are so detached from the affairs of the world that nothing really seems to matter to you then this article can do nothing for you. If you are arrogant, a “know it all” or are committed to a life of struggle and suffering this story can offer you even less. You gotta have common sense.

Final Thoughts

The takeaway is basic and simple; common sense and sound judgment in practical matters will give you the skills necessary to addresses any problem, obstacle or challenge no matter how complex.

I’m the author: I am a game theorist and a teacher on peak performance. I am also a results-oriented self-improvement coach offering advice for innovators of all levels.

I am always exploring trends, innovations, areas of interest, and solutions to build new stories upon. Again, if you have any ideas you would like me to write about just email me at

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By Lewis
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