Trump’s Been Dumped, But China Just Ate Our Lunch, So Much for MAGA

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By Gage Skidmore

I have many good friends who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and still support his ideas even though they do admit that he lost the election.

I have always said to them, that all he had to offer them was superficial solutions to complex problems. It all sounded so nice especially with all that MAGA stuff he was selling. The problem is that in the real world superficial solutions generally don’t work.

One of the main arguments that these people offered me was that Trump was going to teach Red China a lesson. That by putting tariffs on them, they would eventually fold their game and that America would be great again, specifically because of his policies.

I explained to these friends that China had many other markets they could do deals with and they didn’t really need the USA no matter how big our debt was to them. My Trumper friends just wouldn’t hear it.

But Trump kept on barking his MAGA protectionist message while China made deals around the world especially in Asia and in the European Union. My friends continued to argue an empty message that Trump’s pressure on China would bring results. So what have we gotten from his program? More repression, concentration camps in China for Uighurs, and China has now moved into Hong Kong and abolished democracy there. Our “hero” Trump has been unable to do anything about it and then this morning was the big news. China and a number of Asian countries have formed the largest global trade pact in history, and the USA is not part of it. No ego here, and I’m not gloating but this is exactly what I predicted. Mr. Trump’s misguided policies concerning China have done nothing to pull them back and the ones who have suffered the most from that are poor and working American’s who buy cheap Chinese goods that aren’t even manufactured here.

To my Trump-supporting friends, it is simple. Trump was never a “great” businessman. He had no plan. If there was a deep state, he was it. If there was a “swamp” he owned it and kept it filled with slime, a tax break for billionaires, and environmental policies designed to destroy the great beauty of America. Trump was and is a conman, hustler, and grifter. You simply refused to see it and, you, my friends got hustled. So now the facts are clear — unless you refuse to see what is right in front of you.

Let’s work together to heal from the mental virus Donald Trump infected our country with.

I admit that I’m a social progressive and an economic conservative. However, no matter what your political point of view is you can be sure that Donald Trump, for the most part, was just bad news, especially his tariffs on China. Concerning these, it is as clear as Bubble Tea, they ate our lunch.

Donald Trump, for the most part, was just bad news, especially his tariffs on China. Concerning these, it is as clear as Bubble Tea, they ate our lunch.

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By by André Hofmeister

Now please read the article below that Trump’s policies concerning China helped create.

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I’m the author: I am a game theorist, political strategist, and self-improvement coach offering advice for innovators of all levels who are dealing with obstacles and constraints in their work (and play).

Most of my Medium stories, when related to self-improvement, life lessons, mental health, politics, finance, and Eastern Philosophy are anchored into the concept of Applied Game Theory. This idea explores how and why people make certain choices. Researchers into game theory have won over twenty Noble Prizes. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is about the life of John Nash, one of the pioneers in game theory. Of course, the most sophisticated competitive and strategic game in existence is the Chinese game of Go. Learn more about the powerful tool, game theory, for self-improvement. I explain it in the article below.

This article about Harrison’s Applied Game Theory was written so that a 12-year-old can easily understand and apply the simple 3 step system. The article also includes a short video interview of me with Jim Selman a pioneer and thought leader in leadership, business success, and innovation.

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