What Is A Guru?

The importance of mentors, coaches, and guides in life.

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In the 1960s and 1970, many Indian spiritual gurus came to America and Europe. In this situation, the guru is considered a figure to worship and whose instructions should never be violated.

Of course as with any religious tradition including “guru paths” many gurus have allegedly exploited their followers’ naiveté. In that sense, many Christian Evangelists are no different than some Indian gurus.


In the 1970s young people including hippies (and myself) turned to gurus because they found that drugs had opened for them the existence of the transcendental or because they wanted to get high without drugs. Some counter-culturalists and political activists became worn out or disillusioned of the possibilities to change society through political means, and as an alternative turned to spiritual means for gaining self-awareness.

Though they are not as predominant now as they were, the guru culture was part of a movement that expanded the importance of self-improvement and personal development in our lives.

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