What is Reality?

Sometimes the illusion is reality and vice-versa. How to make sense of it all

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The great western philosopher Rene Descartes asked, “How can we be certain that what we think we see is what is actually there?”

There are things that we understood to be real when we were young that no longer seem real when seen through adult eyes. That youthful reality did exist but those perceptions from the past may not fit neatly into your adult reality.

The great Taoist sages say, “Look at a wheel, a water pitcher or a room. You can see that the form and function of each of these lie in hollowness and emptiness.”

Have you ever thought of reality in this way before? — As the emptiness within the forms, we create? Consider that you must hollow your mind if it is to function efficiently. With a “blank mind,” you will learn to cultivate spiritual wisdom, creating a functional reality out of “nothing.” At the moment you empty your mind, a new reality appears. It is the blank mind that is most apt to come to know inner wisdom. It is in a hollow mind that Wisdom manifests. It is also in such a mind where a deep and profound clarity of thought arises. In this space, you begin to clearly distinguish your wants from your needs. It is here that you will come to experience a struggle-free life.

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