What The Democratic Party Needs In Georgia

To flip the Senate

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There’s a general strategy to win Georgia. It is to get as many available voters to vote Democrat.

Apply tactics that come out of the strategy: Get liberal Democrats all over America to join phone Banks and call every single voter in Georgia, and convince them to vote Democrat. Also, ask them to chip in by sending checks to “Fair Fight” or “DSCC” to ensure financial support for the Democratic Party in Georgia.

Get or help every potential voter to register as early as they can. For those mail-in-ballot voters check your name if you are still definitely registered to vote. (Some voters have reported that their names were missing in the Voting rolls even though they just voted this past general election.)

Those who have been removed from the voting Rolls by the disgusting governor of Georgia, call the head of the Democratic Party in Georgia immediately (they have lawyers there who can sue the Gov. of Georgia for attempting to suppress your rights to vote), and report that you have been removed from the voting list even though you’ve voted before. The bottom line is for you to get back your voting rights so you can vote by January 5.

Target those that are independent, or those who would ordinarily vote Republican, but are so disgusted by Trump and the Republican party’s behavior.

There’s an old saying “divide and conquer” and in this case, the Republicans have divided themselves already.

There is a Trump branch of the Republican party which is being run now by Rodger Stone to get people in Georgia to actually vote Democrat. My assumption is (in a way) to punish those Republicans who have not supported Trump. His goal is two-fold:

  1. To antagonize those Republican senators and some movers and shakers within the party who declared Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.
  2. To make those (anti-Trump Republicans) feel guilty as Republicans, that they will vote in hordes come January 5th to keep the Republican majority in the Senate. There are those who are more conservative who have somewhat distance themselves from Trump. In essence, Roger Stone is touting Democrats by saying that the Republican party has split itself, and if the Democrats are smart they can take advantage of it.


Democrats need to vote in hordes in order to flip the Senate. Biden can’t do anything if McConnell remains the Republican majority leader. Do you want a Democrat in the Supreme Court? FLIP THE SENATE! GEORGIA, THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO FLIP THE SENATE.

Author — Lilia Harrison is an author and an independent political analyst. He was a reporter and fact-checker for an NPR affiliate talk show.

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