You And Me, Little Girl

Poem #46 from the Poetry Portal



Inner Child — Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

The mirror on the wall sent shock-waves to her core

The little girl on it stared motioning to her

Her cadaverous face, sunken eyes in a daze

Flakes of dead skin flew off her face.

She sank to her knees in fetal distress.

The lingering past and a tormenting task

Evokes unpleasant memories of her childhood state.

The onus of concern inflicted pain to her head

She knew the vicious cycle of life must be finally met.

To do, or undo; forgive and forget.

Old scenes recurring she’d rather not trace

From the horrid pages of a grand genealogy digest

She clasped her hands onto her wounded chest

Imploring for reprieve from another agonizing test

Like a wrecking-ball aiming her to capitulate.

But no! She won’t allow it. She’s been through so much.

The ghost of hate must remain buried in the past, or kill it.

Bringing it up now will rupture her long guarded chord: her only protector for the remainder of her life.

Yet, she succumbed to the little girl’s whim: embedded in the softest moss of her id: crying for revenge.

She screamed. No sound: Only tiny ripples of ocean waves came through her head: pacifying.

Still, her mind protested:

“Woe unto me. I haven’t got a rest: tired of this conflict.

Wounds in my soul confined: forever in traumatic stress

Your ill-timed apparition unwelcoming at best,

Your untimely brooding breaks my heart like the rest.”

“I recognized what malady you instigate for such a display.

If it’s your aim to discombobulate, I wouldn’t dare the game you play.

The little girl that bore my past, I wished it was a happy blast…sorry for that.

No need to point the blame to some, for theirs were just entangled ions in our bounds.

It’s all the games we played in those instances: we chose them to join in our dances.”

“You and me, played in stages of our life: we did the best we could.

Thank you, for being a bright brave little girl: you did your best despite all shattering odds.

I can’t thank you enough for doing all the hardest part in our life.

You fought so hard for us to get this far.

Because of your unimaginable resilience, you turned out to be a wiser merrier me.”

“Now, let’s enjoy this last dance with our loving husband.

Be enthralled with our loved-ones, as well as,

The friends we met along the way, who became our extended family.

Who would have thought that you and I would accumulate so many members of our family?

When we leave this magnificent ball called, Earth, on to the cosmos,

We’ll fly laughing our guts off, conquering the universe our own way.”

Written by Author: Santayana Rose — is passionate about writing and ideas.

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